We offer discerning clients an alternative to the cheesy in-your-face approach that gives wedding video a bad rap. We are modern, creative and efficient in our process which pivots on our policy of unobtrusiveness. Our style can best be described as Cinéma-vérité Sniper. In other words, we hide out of the way; pretty much let the day unfold and then quietly capture you and your guests when your not expecting it. It makes for a true and realistic depiction of your day.

We've come a long way since we started and we've learnt many important lessons about the art of weddings videos. We have developed systems around what we do, giving you peace of mind and certainty towards your wedding video. The video craft is no walk in the park (unless your wedding is IN a park), there must be a synergy and familiarity between a wedding videographer and thier equipment in order to get you the best images at the right time. Additionally there are a number of other points of difference between Wedding Video Mastes and our competitors:

Always two cameras at your wedding ceremony:

During an event where continuity is the key to success, we dont take risks. If the photographer snaps that special look of love between you and your betrothed during the readings but doesn't quite get it right; you will probably never know. She probably took 5 or 6 shots and will only show you the best. With wedding videography however, we need to capture your entire wedding ceremony complete and with seamless perfection. Wedding Video Masters achieves this for you by using two cameras with two qualified operators. We even employ discreet radio communications technology to coordinate the coverage, protecting you even more. Our two camera wedding ceremony videos stand out.

Wedding Video Master's difference is our modern style of shooting that produces the images you want with minimal impact on your day. We are proud when we receive feedback from our clients that they forgot we were even there. We believe that staying back and saying very little is the secret to getting the best shots of you and your guests. In fact we have a policy: "If someone knows you're shooting them - don't". Photographers like us too because we prefer to let them run the family photos and photoshoot, staying well out of the way and observing, rather than directing. So if you or your fiance are not quite sure about commissioning a wedding videographer to hover over you for your entire wedding day take a look at our video samples and read some of our testimonials. 

Wedding Video Highlights:

Wedding video highlights are something we do well. Our camera style is fluid and dynamic and we are formally trained in the art of story telling. Your wedding is your story and our aim is to tell it for you. Our wedding video highlights are like your own personal music video.